The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the SRC, he/she shall act as the overall coordinator of all SRC operations, shall act as the principal liaison between students and the faculty, staff and administration. The President shall execute all decisions of the Board of Directors, he/she shall be responsible for all formal communications with any other legal body.

Alexander Roy - 2014/2015 SRC President

Hey everyone! My name is Alex Roy, also known as “Cupcake”, and I’m in my 4th year here at Bishop’s University. I’m a History major with minors in Creative Writing &

Journalism and Sports Studies. I am also the Hooker – it’s a real position, I swear – for the Bishop’s Gaiters Varsity Men’s Rugby team. I was born in Montreal and raised in the small town of Cobourg, Ontario, but now reside in Montreal again where I play for Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Rugby Football Club. In December 2010, I travelled from Cobourg to visit this small university in the heart of the Eastern Townships called “Bishop’s”. Needless to say I fell in love. After my tour, my dad and I walked back to the car, I opened the door, stopped, closed the door, and told my dad “we need to go buy my purple sweater”. Fast forward 4 years and here I am, elected as the President of the Students’ Representative Council. As President, I will act as the overall coordinator for the SRC, and a liaison between the students and the rest of the Bishop’s community, including administration, staff, and faculty. I pride myself on openness, genuineness, and communication, so when I’m not on Coulter field in my purple #2 jersey, feel free to stop by my office – #120 in the SRC hallway – with any questions, concerns, ideas, comments, or just to say hey. I hope that the SRC can help students fill their days with growth, adventure, learning, fulfilling experiences, pride, and purple. I am a firm believer in the idea that “you get out what you put in” in life, and that translates to university life and growing as a young adult, and that’s why I encourage every student to get involved both in and outside of the classroom. Join a club, volunteer with one of our charity activities around campus, pick up a new intramural sport, the list goes on. I’ll try to keep my office door open as often as possible when I’m around, so I look forward to seeing your beautiful faces and hearing what you have to say.

Cheers, Alex